Color Options

Most pavers offer earth colors and any color that you can get by mixing those colors along with a few different styles and textures in pavers. This is fine… if you are Amish and/or live in the 1700s. Today’s up and coming homeowners appreciate a fine splash of color or a bold and colorful statement. That is why, along with the standard in earth tones, AE Interlock Paver Design developed a national network of manufactures from which we may place special orders on your behalf and quickly provide you with whatever color, texture, or design you desire.

At AE Interlock Paver Design, we can offer you 100% of what the market offers, up to and including rubber, glass, and aggregate pavers in crazy colors. Take a good look at the options below and then give us a call. We will set an appointment for a time that is convenient for you, during which we will provide a free estimate. We will be bringing pictures and samples to help you visualize exactly what you want. AE Interlock Paver Design works with all of the Phoenix suppliers, which allows you to choose any type of material and colors to suit any designs that you wish. We are also happy to do the installation for you.